Piggy Bank Logo

Summer 2019, Illustrator

Design made for client

Dead Souls an American Poem Illustrations

Summer 2020, pen and ink

Illustrations made for client

American Ideal

Fall 2019, Photoshop, found images

Design Foundations Studio 2019

AAE Corporation Graphics

Summer 2020, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

Designs made during internship

Penguin Repeat Pattern Full.png

Penguin Repeat Pattern

Summer 2017, Photoshop, watercolor


Composite Skeleton

Winter 2018, pen and ink, 13x117 in.


The Chase

Winter 2017, pen and ink, 13x13 in.

Oliva- Storybook Cover (paper).jpg

At Play

Winter 2016, cut paper, 12x15 in.